Zebrowski, Schrei, Olsztynski lead reintegration; Reimer named new PME publisher

After nearly 10 years of separation,Supply House Timeswill rejoin Plumbing & Mechanical (PM) as a sister publication effective with the February 2001 issue. Business News Publishing (BNP) II LLC, is pleased to announce the acquisition ofSupply House Timesfrom Cahners Publishing Co.Supply House Timesis the leading magazine serving wholesalers, distributors and manufacturer reps.PMis the industry's No. 1 publication overall and focuses on contractors.

As part of BNP, Supply House Times also joins the plumbing industry's top specifier publication, PM Engineer (PME), the PHC Profit Report newsletter and regional magazine Reeves Journal to provide total market coverage for the plumbing/piping/hydronic heating/fire protection industry.

"The integration of Supply House Times completes a leadership goal we established in 1991 when we purchased PM ," said Tim Fausch, Construction Division publishing director. "BNP can best serve the plumbing market by providing complete coverage of all buying influences within the industry. Adding Supply House allows plumbing product and service marketers to reach 30,000 wholesalers/distributors/reps., PM 's 45,000 contractors, PME 's 25,000 specifiers, and Reeves' coverage of 14 Western states."

"We are tremendously excited to offer advertisers one-stop coverage for the entire plumbing field," said newly appointed publisher John Schrei. "National advertisers can now reach 100,000 BPA-audited buyers and specifiers by running in PM , PME and Supply House. No other publisher comes close to matching this dynamic combination of high-quality circulation, editorial excellence and valuable marketing services."

"We're honoring 2001 advertising commitments already made by Supply House," Schrei added. "Advertisers will find this transition fairly seamless. Our goal is to make the ad buying process easier, faster and more effective."

"Supply House Times fills a void we've felt for years," said group publisher and former SHT staff member George Zebrowski. "Countless times we'd be at trade shows and wholesalers would request subscriptions to a publication of PM 's quality, but written to their needs. Now, we can fulfill those requests. After 10 years, I'm thrilled to again represent Supply House Times."

"I started my industry career on Supply House Times in 1977 and I've missed covering that portion of our industry," said newly appointed editor Jim Olsztynski. "I look forward to working with the Supply House Times staff to reinvigorate the editorial content and help the magazine return to its preeminent position among industry publications. We'll be using every possible resource to assure that wholesalers, master distributors and reps embrace Supply House Times and its Web site as their No. 1 information sources."

Staffing Profile and Contact Information

BNP is pleased to provide the industry's most experienced staff and contributors to serve the plumbing/PVF/hydronic heating/fire protection field. With nearly 200 years combined industry tenure; advertisers and readers can rely on our staff to help you meet their needs.

George Zebrowski has been named group publisher of Supply House Times. George will retain his role as publisher of PM , group publisher of PME , and advertising representative for the Northeast U.S. George is a 32-year veteran of the publishing field, with 28 years spent serving the plumbing industry. George is based in Windsor, Mass., can be reached at 413-684-1447 or gzebrowski@aol.com.

John Schrei has been named publisher of Supply House Times. He will retain his role as associate publisher of PM and as advertising representative for the Central/Southeast U.S. John is a 16-year publishing veteran, with six years in the plumbing field. John is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3563 or SchreiJ@aol.com.

Jim Olsztynski has been named editorial director of Supply House Times. Jim will continue as editorial director for PM , consulting editor on PME , and as editor/publisher of PHC Profit Report, the industry's only paid newsletter. Jim has been an award-winning writer and editor for more than a quarter-century, with 23 of those years spent serving the plumbing industry. Jim is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3714 or wrdwzrd@aol.com.

Scott Reimer has been named publisher of PM Engineer . Scott will retain his role as advertising representative in the Midwest and Eastern Canada for PM and PME . Scott is entering his fifth year in the publishing field, all serving the plumbing industry. Scott is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3582 or skreimer@aol.com.

Scott Franz has been named national sales manager for Supply House Times. A 16-year publisher veteran, including 12 serving the plumbing field, Scott will serve advertisers of PVF, distribution software, and master distributors nationwide. Scott is based in Springboro, Ohio and can be reached at 513-748-9975, scottfranzbnp@aol.com.

Pat Lenius takes over as managing editor of Supply House Times. Pat is a 23-year veteran of the publishing field, including the last two with Supply House. Pat has focused on the Bath & Kitchen sector, plus feature writing and industry news. Pat is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3459 or patalenius@aol.com.

Kelly Faloon becomes senior editor of Supply House Times. Kelly has spent 13 years in the publishing field, including the last three years with Supply House. Kelly has focused on hydronic heating, plus information technology. Kelly is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3634 or klfaloon@aol.com

Steve Smith remains editor of PM . Steve is an 11-year veteran of the plumbing industry, including five years with PM . Steve is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3496 or SsmithPM@aol.com.

Katie Rotella remains senior editor of PM , now beginning her third year. Katie is based in Bartlett, Ill., and can be reached at 630-483-7828, or KatieRotella@aol.com.

Eric Sticken remains associate editor of PM . Eric is in his first year in the plumbing industry and is based in Des Plaines, Ill. Eric can be reached at 847-297-4025 or ericsticken@aol.com

Lisa Rahimpour has been named senior production manager and will oversee PM , PM Engineer , and Supply House Times. Lisa is based in Troy, Mich., and can be reached at 248-244-6432 or Rahimpourl@bnp.com.

Julius Ballanco remains editorial director for PM Engineer and will be expanding his role in 2001. Julius has more than two decades of experience in the plumbing industry as a contractor, engineer and writer. Julius recently was elected to the board of ASPE as Vice President, Legislative. Julius is based in Munster, Ind., and can be reached at 219-922-6171 or jbengineer@aol.com.

Kelly Johnson remains managing editor of PM Engineer . Kelly is a 10-year veteran of trade publishing and is now in her second year serving the plumbing industry. Kelly is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3576 or kellypme@aol.com.

Ben Smith is completing his first year as western sales manager in the U.S. and Canada for PM and PM Engineer . Ben will add Supply House Times to his coverage. Ben is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3487 or Rbensmith@aol.com.

Faith Lake has been named classified/sales support manager for PM , PME , and Supply House Times. Faith is based in Des Plaines, Ill., and can be reached at 847-297-3453 or Faithlake29@aol.com.

Tim Fausch adds Supply House Times to his duties as Construction Division publishing director. Tim is a 19-year veteran of trade publishing, including more than 10 years serving the plumbing field. Tim is based in Troy, Mich., and can be reached at 248-244-6448 or fauscht@bnp.com.