Issue: 10/03

PME contributor John Siegenthaler has completed the second edition of his text, Modern Hydronic Heating. In addition to the fundamentals, the second edition includes detailed coverage of contemporary hydronic heating topics such as: radiant floor, wall, and ceiling heating; primary/secondary piping; injection mixing; control theory & application; homerun distribution systems; minitube distribution systems; differential pressure bypass valves; variable speed pumping; modulating boilers; multiple boiler systems; buffer tanks; high capacity domestic water heating; and snow & ice melting systems.

The second edition also includes a CD-ROM with the academic version of the Hydronics Design Studio software. This software was created specifically to accompany this text. It includes modules for heating load analysis, baseboard system sizing, hydronic circuit analysis, fluid properties, and expansion tank sizing. Some modules even include extensive databases of industry standard circulators, pipes, baseboards, and fluids. The software uses powerful engineering routines hidden behind a simple and easy to use Windows(R) interface.

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