Here are some additional highlights from the NFPA show that we didn't have space for in the print issue.

The 2001 National Fire Protection Association World Fire Safety Congress and Exposition attracted 10,210 attendees to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The conference featured educational seminars and product exhibits from 275 manufacturers. Here are some additional highlights from the show that we didn't have space for in the print issue.

Fire Suppression System

FiretraceR USA, LLC has introduced an automatic fire detection and suppression system that detects fires inside an enclosed "micro-environment" (25 cu. ft. or less) and instantly dispenses a fire suppression agent. Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression Systems feature flexible polymer tubing that ruptures when exposed to 212 F (100 C), forming a nozzle that dispenses a suppression agent at the fire source. The systems are self-contained and can be used with FM-200, dry chemicals, CO2, foam and water. Firetrace USA, LLC.

Oil/Water Separator Systems

Containment Solutions manufactures a line of oil/water separators designed to separate free oils and solids from rainwater runoff and washdown applications via gravity or pumped flow. The separators feature 10 ppm or 15 ppm effluent discharge and low maintenance. Containment Solutions.

Fire Extinguishers

Badger Fire Protection offers several lines of portable fire extinguishers for dry chemical, water, carbon dioxide, halotron1, and wet chemical use. The BadgerExtra line features all brass valves, stainless steel handles and levers, and metal siphon tubes. Other lines include BadgerStandard, with aluminum valves, levers and handles; BadgerWheeled, with self-expelling units, stored pressure units, and regular cylinder operated units; and BadgerBrigade, available equipped with multipurpose, regular and Purple K dry chemical agents. Badger Fire Protection.

Fire Pumps

Sterling Fluid Systems manufactures its Peerless PumpT line of fire pumps and fire protection equipment for fire suppression and extinguishment. Sterling Fluid Systems (USA), Inc.

Fire Pump Drivers

Clarke offers several fire pump drivers that feature direct-mounted drive coupling hubs, 24 VDC starting system, low-watt density coolant heater, compact size, high hp to weight ratio, jacket water-cooled aftercooler, direct injection, individual cylinder fuel injectors, and bypass-type blower. Clarke Fire Protection Products.

Siesmic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing

Loos & Co. Inc. has available a seismic bracing system that dampens earthquake loads on components, connections, structural members and fasteners. Standard braces are constructed of a splayed assembly of either 49 or 133 high strength zinc-coated steel wires configured into wire rope/cable. This wire rope/cable is pre-stretched, so it behaves like a shock absorber. The braces elongate by about 1% of their length under maximum working load and reset to their original length upon removal of load. Loos & Co. Inc.

Copper Pipe Connections

Sagiv has released its CopFit brass fittings to take the place of brazing and soldering in copper piping systems for plumbing and sprinkler applications. The fittings include O-ring seals to prevent leaking and locking pins driven into the fitting by an ordinary ball hammer for securing the fitting. Models available include standard tee, reducing tee, tee with threaded branch, reducing tee with threaded branch, end cup, muffe, reducer, end cup with thread and reducing elbow. Sagiv.

Cable Identification System

AFC has introduced its Rainbow ID System for cable identification. The Rainbow ID Systems 480Y/277-volt MC, AC and HCF cables are manufactured with brown, orange and yellow (BOY) conductor colors to distinguish them from 120-volt system cables and eliminate phase taping. A repeating pattern of BOY color on the outside of the armor matches the phase conductors on the inside, making visual inspection easier. AFC Cable Systems.