LONMARK International has announced the signing of an affiliation agreement with LonUser Group Denmark, making it one of the first member countries within the European LonUsers® community to sign such an agreement. Under terms of the agreement, LonUser Group Denmark will change its name to LONMARK Denmark.

LONMARK affiliates are independent, non-profit associations representing the local interests of LONMARK International and their members. Affiliate associations are better equipped to support the local needs of LONMARK members such as language and customs, legal and regulatory issues, and specific regional marketing initiatives. The network of affiliates will allow LONMARK International to focus its resources on strategic programs that benefit all members around the world.

LonUser Group Denmark, formed in 1996, is part of an association of the European LonUsers community supporting local marketing, arranging information meetings and participating in relevant courses for members using LONWORKS technology. Acknowledging the advantages with the global LONMARK organization and the increasing extension and use of LONMARK open systems, more LonUsers Groups are expected to follow the lead of Denmark and Switzerland by joining the LONMARK Affiliation Program.