Here is a selection of product highlights that didn't fit in the April print issue from the recent ASHRAE Exposition held January 12-16 in Atlantic City, NJ.

Water Heaters

RECO USA offers a line of water heaters for hospitals, industrial plants, correctional facilities, universities and all facilities requiring large volumes of hot water. The indirect-fired systems include Thermomaster high capacity packaged storage heaters, Thermodyne semi-instantaneous water heaters and Thermodyne HX semi-instantaneous water heaters. The direct-fired systems include The Elite water heaters, copper fin tube systems, and storage-type atmospheric gas water heaters. RECO also offers unfired steam generators and packaged electric water heaters. RECO USA.

Ball Valves

Spirax Sarco's offers a line of ball valves for steam, condensate and process fluid control. The ball valves feature corrosion-resistant bodies, blow-out proof stems to protect the operator and prevent emission losses, tight shut-off, and flexible seats that maintain sealing at low torque under all conditions. Spirax Sarco.

Thermostatic Radiator Operator

Danfoss has introduced the RA-Plus thermostatic radiator operator. The RA-Plus operator uses Danfoss's thermostatic technology and combines it with electronic setback ability. The RA-Plus maintains the set room temperature and avoids unnecessary heating in unoccupied rooms using the setback feature. The setback ability comes from a battery-operated compact module that is easily attached to the built-in operator for the RA-2000 valves. There are two settable programs with three comfort periods. During setback periods, the RA-Plus reduces the operator's set room temperature by 5 degrees F, and an override button allow the set temperature to be maintained. If the module is turned off, the operator functions as a regular thermostatic radiator valve by maintaining the set room temperature. Danfoss Comfort Controls.

Corrosion Protective Coating

Brass Craft's new gas appliance connector program comes with its new proprietary ProCoat gas connectors. The polymer coating provides corrosion protection from over 100 common chemicals, as well as harsh environmental substances, such as salt and UV rays. The coating also increases protection against hydrochloric acid used in masonry and solder flux, as well as ferric acid. Design certified for indoor and outdoor use, ProCoat gas connectors are available in a variety of configurations. ProCoat is also available with Brass Craft's Safety+PLUS gas shut-off fittings. Brass Craft.

Tankless Water Heater

The Mobius T-M1 tankless water heater from Takagi delivers over 500 gallons of hot water from each unit every hour. Mobius units can be used alone or linked with multiple units for unlimited instant hot water. Mobius takes up less than 2.2 cubic feet of space and features "smart" safety and monitoring devices, including an overheat cut-off switch, hi-limit and temperature sensor, computer-controlled gas valves and freeze protection. Takagi.


Raypak's Advanced Design Boiler features a 97% high-efficiency design in which condensation only occurs in a corrosion-resistant condensing heat exchanger, not in the primary heat exchanger or the combustion chamber. Without the Condensing Heat Exchanger, the ADB features thermal efficiency of up to 84%. The ADB also features an advanced design burner that will not clog or burn out. Raypak.

Water Heaters

A.O. Smith's Master-Fit Plus BTI water heaters feature the same performance of two conventional, atmospheric draft commercial water heaters in the footprint space of one. The water heaters are equipped with blowers that produce a power-induced draft of makeup air prior to ignition to provide more efficient control of heat through the flue collector and double the Btu output. Induced draft also makes the Master-Fit Plus ideal for installations where negative air pressure is a problem. A.O. Smith Water Products Co.

Condensing Boilers

Gasmaster offers high-efficiency condensing boilers that provide up to 99.8% thermal efficiency. Features include a stainless steel heat exchanger, variable speed blower, almost infinite modulation throughout the operating range, a solid state oxygen sensing system, approval for potable water use, a one-pass heating system, condensing operation, no need for mixing valves and direct vent low temperature exhaust. Gasmaster Industries Inc.

Steam Traps

MEPCO offers a line of industrial steam traps that efficiently drain condensate, vent air from steam equipment, and prevent the flow of steam to return piping with a simple unit that requires minimum maintenance. The line includes low-pressure thermostatic traps applicable for pressure from 25" HG vacuum to 25 psi, radiator valves for steam and water systems at various operating pressures, high-pressure thermostatic traps with operating ranges from 5 to 125 psi, bucket traps for pressures up to 200 lbs., thermodynamic disc traps for high pressure applications, and float and thermostatic traps. MEPCO.

Condensate Pumps

Beckett's large condensate removal pump models feature a molded plastic design for more efficient and quieter operation. The pumps have a high-temperature one-gallon capacity tank rated to 212 degrees F and feature a flame retardant motor cover, built-in safety switch and replaceable check valve. The company also offers medium automatic condensate removal pumps, underwater Versa pumps and safety control switches. Beckett Corp.


Unilux manufactures a line of boilers that includes a steel bent watertube model and features forced draft combustion technology, ASME code construction, ferruled tube connections to drums, four-sided waterwall furnaces, large external downcomers, 3-in. fibrewool insulation, heavy gauge steel housing and jacket, and a scratch-resistant coating on the outer jacket. The boilers offer thermal shock resistance, high operating efficiencies, improved heat transfer characteristics, high circulation rates and rapid heat-up time. Unilux.

Grease Removal Systems

Highland Tank has introduced grease removal systems featuring the HT-AGI Automatic Grease Interceptor and the HT-PGI Passive Grease Interceptor. The AGI removes and recovers nearly 100% of the fats, oils and grease in small commercial applications. The unit reduces total suspended solids, eliminates cleaning costs and rancid build-up, conforms to most environmental protection programs, and is available in 14 sizes. The PGI model for large commercial applications uses a gravity flow design with Highland's Switchback Baffling System to retain wastewater long enough to allow liquified grease to cool down, separate and congeal. Highland Tank.

PEX Plumbing System

REHAU's RAUPEX cross-linked polyethylene plumbing system is more than four times lighter than copper. RAUPEX is also more flexible, needs fewer joints, is easier to handle and faster to install, and is more resistant to chemical damage than copper. RAUPEX pipe also withstands extreme temperatures, and its wall thickness reduces standby energy loss. Unlike copper, RAUPEX expands to minimize pressure surges and related noise. Its smoother interior wall resists deposits for consistent flow and pressure, and it doesn't release harmful substances into drinking water. REHAU.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Reliance Worldwide offers a line of thermostatic mixing valves and showers to regulate water temperatures to reduce the risk of scalding or thermal shock. The Group Control thermostatic mixing valves are designed for use in applications where several outlets need to be served. They feature stable mixed water temperature, even under extreme or unusual supply conditions. Quick-reaction wax thermostats provide fine temperature control, even with varying flow rates. Reliance also offers single outlet thermostatic mixing valves, showers and tempering valves. Reliance Worldwide.

Mixing Valves

Conbraco offers an expanding family of Apollo hot water temperature-activated mixing valves sized from 1/2" to 2". The Apollo 34A Series commercial mixing valves are ASSE 1017 certified and feature thermostat control with fingertip adjustment of water temperature from 85 to 120 degrees F. The 34H Series radiant commercial mixing valves offer fingertip adjustment of water temperature from 120 to 180 degrees F. The 34C Series ASSE 1017-certified high capacity mixing valves can be used with large commercial potable and non-potable hot water systems. Conbraco.