Zurn Industries has introduced its Z-888-12 12 1/2" wide x 14 1/4" invert modular Hi-Cap slotted drain, part its Flo-Thru trench drain line. The Z-888-12 Hi-Cap is designed for high flow applications, such as airports and roads. It may also be used as a rainwater runoff storage system. The drain features a 1 3/4" slotted inlet and 80" modular channels with integral frames; mechanically interlocking joints; and a smooth, radiused interior. The channels are constructed of low-density polyethylene and offer a smooth, non-stick, corrosion-resistant interior with 0% water absorption. Options include a cleanout port, a steel sloped frame, and the design for an installer provided rebar cage system.Zurn Plumbing Products Group. www.zurn.com