Hoesch, a leading German manufacturer of quality bathtubs, offers its newest, extensive collection of quality bathtubs in the United States. All of Hoesch's bathtubs and shower trays are made of UltraAcryl™, an exclusive material developed and used by Hoesch in which acrylic is cast between two polished glass sheet plates. This unique process produces a smooth, non-porous surface that resists bacteria and dirt build-up. Hoesch has introduced new designs and concepts from some of the world's most prestigious and prolific designers. Lord Norman Foster's first design for Hoesch is the geometrically pleasing and proportioned Bathroom Foster collection. The Foster bathtubs and shower trays represent cool elegance in geometric shapes, based on two circles that provide space for the natural movement of water and creative hands. Dieter Sieger's latest work is the Happy D series, where all parts resemble the distinctive form of the letter "D". The collection features six different soaking tub models with matching shower trays. In addition, Sieger offers a second collection called 1930, a geometric, rectangular collection that is modeled in the style of the 1930s art deco period. Adolf Babel's design workshop has recently introduced the highly stylized and ultimately functional Zero bath, featuring backrests that can be flexibly adjusted, each at its own individual angle, thereby enabling bathing in the greatest of comfort. Babel has also created the popular Aviva"