The Crown(R) II Piston Flushometer, designed for "green" environments, is now available with new aesthetics from Sloan Valve Company. The Crown II is designed with a new handle assembly and an outside cover with accent rings offered with special finishes, including brushed nickel, lustre gold, polished brass and satin. The inside cover isolates the threads from the water source to ensure uninterrupted performance. Sloan's patented piston Flushometer incorporates stainless steel materials; high-copper, low-zinc brass castings; and a single, cleanable filter. The Crown II also includes an engineered thermoplastic piston assembly that is easily replaced, compared to clog-prone brass pistons. Other features of the Crown II include a Bak Chek(R) control stop with a vandal-resistant spin cap, and an ADA-compliant triple-seal handle.Sloan Valve Company.