Sloan Valve Co.'s new G2 Optima Plus battery-powered Flushometer combines advanced electronics with a new sleek hi-tech appearance. The G2 Optima Plus Flushometer incorporates Sloan's patented Isolated Operator that provides reliable performance regardless of water quality, and a flex tube diaphragm flushing mechanism that helps conserve water. Designed to eliminate detection errors caused by lighting conditions and reflective surfaces, the G2 also saves installation time with minimal need for field adjustments. G2 features an electronic module that meets NEMA 6 sealing requirements, and gold-plated battery contacts to ensure consistent electronic connections. The battery-powered G2 has a newly styled cover, with an easily replaceable lens. Batteries can be changed, or the module serviced, without shutting off the water supply. A rear drain/weep hole allows condensation to escape and the G2's automatic "fit" ensures proper control module placement.Sloan Valve Co.