Halotron® I is a proven clean extinguishing agent from American Pacific Corp.'s Halotron Division that is applicable on a wide range of fires. Since it is a clean agent, it doesn't leave a residue after application, and therefore, minimal or no collateral damage occurs from the agent itself to equipment in the area. This halogenated clean agent is for use in portable fire extinguishers, and is discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid, allowing for extended discharge throw lengths of 6 ft. to 35 ft. Halotron I is approved for commercial/industrial and military use as a substitute for halon 1211 in streaming applications by the U.S. EPA. It is approved by UL for use on Class A, B, C and E (Europe) fires, and is available in portable extinguishers from Amerex Corp., Buckeye Fire Equipment, Badger Fire Protection, and Kidde Fyrnetics.American Pacific Corp. Halotron Div.