The fashionable ShowerUp filtered shower extensions by Sprite Industries feature patented Chlorgon®, a non-carbon media that removes more chlorine, at a wider temperature range, than any other. Benefits include softer hair, smoother skin and the elimination of chlorine vapor exposure to lungs. Sprite's new ShowerUp extendable shower arms are available with optional flat or wide showerheads for gentle, cascading, chlorine-free showers at near-infinite adjustable positions. Two all-brass filtered extension arms are available: the FXS extension arm, with 20-inch adjustment range, or FDX, with the 40-inch range needed for fashionable, wide-spray drenching showers. The chrome-plated pivoting extension arm smoothly raises or lowers the spray with wing-lock joints. Both ShowerUp extendable shower arms are available in chrome or satin nickel finish.Sprite Industries.