Sloan's line of SLIMLINE Bedpan Washing Systems transforms a standard water closet into an "in-the-room" hygiene solution. The Slimline makes basic patient care easier and more effective, and eliminates the need for maintaining a centralized bedpan washing unit. The Slimline incorporates a one-piece construction body design, maintaining the spray arm in an upright position, to provide maximum water force to thoroughly clean in seconds, without splash or after-drip. This reduces possible bacteria growth on hard-to-reach surfaces found on other bedpan washer units. The Slimline eliminates the need for unsanitary hose sprays and the additional housekeeping they require. The Slimline valve body, stop body, diverter body and diverter pivot are made from high quality, brass casting using semi-red brass for durability and long life. The "O" ring design of the pivot and counter balance spring provides long life and easy maintenance.Sloan Valve Co.