Bell & Gossett has announced the availability of the latest version (3.1) of its ESP-PLUS® pump selection software. Easy to use, ESP-PLUS contains new tools designed to save the engineer's time, simplify their selections, and increase pump selection accuracy. Enhancements include the Life Cycle Cost Estimator, a comprehensive tool that allows users to calculate Life Cycle Cost and Payback using the discount rate, tax, depreciation, estimated increases in energy prices, operation and maintenance costs. Also new is the Glycol Wizard, an innovative tool that takes the engineer through a step-by-step process to determine the effects of the addition of glycol (ethylene or propylene) to water-based systems. And the ESP-Optimized Motor Selection tool uses a set of rules to select the optimum motor for a pump. The rules take into consideration factors such as non-overloading horsepower/nominal motor size, operating horsepower and pump configuration.Bell & Gossett.