The ProPress® System from Viega is a flameless joining system for copper tube connections. Flameless joining eliminates fire risk and leaky soldered joints, and enables repair work on wet systems. The copper tubing is cut and deburred inside and out, as normal, and then the pipe is inserted into the ProPress System fitting socket, specially designed with an EPDM seal inside the middle of the socket and a raised ridge on the outside. Next, the ProPress system electro-hydraulic pressing tool is placed over the raised ridge area of the fitting, and the user pulls the trigger. The tool applies up to 35,000 pounds of force to join the copper tube and the fitting. The Viega copper fitting pressed tight to the copper tubing makes a reliable, watertight connection that will last the lifetime of the tubing system. From tests conducted by NSF, the connections have rated test pressures up to 600 psi and working pressures up to 200 psi. The allowable temperature range is 0