Tyco Fire & Security introduced the Ansul® Cleanguard® Non-Magnetic Fire Extinguisher, a Halon 1211 replacement portable fire extinguisher for use in hazard areas that require reliable, safe and portable non-magnetic fire suppression in hazard applications, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) rooms and other sensitive areas. Listed by both UL and ULc, and approved by the EPA, Cleanguard can be safely discharged in the presence of a patient, will not deplete the ozone and is lower in toxicity than comparable halon alternative extinguishing agents. Tested by Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing Services, the world's most experienced MR-safety and MR-compatibility testing company, the Cleanguard extinguisher, with its completely non-magnetic stainless steel shell and non-magnetic valve, discharge hose and nozzle, has been shown to be non-magnetic to 3.0 tesla (a unit of magnetic flux density). The Cleanguard product line is effective in extinguishing all Class A, B, and C fires. Discharged as liquid droplets that flash into a stream of gas, the extinguishing agent penetrates the fire area and stops the combustion process through heat absorption and a chemical interaction.Tyco Fire & Security.