The Klo-Shure Insulation Coupling reduces by up to 60% the time required to install closed-cell, elastomeric insulation on copper tubing used for refrigerant lines, hot and cold water plumbing, and chilled water systems. The coupling is a high strength plastic coupling with a unique internal design that supports and secures copper tubing and tubing installation at clevis hangers and strut-mounted clamps. Klo-Shure Couplings can be slipped over tubing as it is run to support and level tubing during installation. The couplings can also be placed around tubing (they are pre-scored for easy opening) when insulation is applied. They are available to support 1/4-in. to 2 1/8-in. diameter copper tubing, and to secure 3/8-in. to 1-in. thick tubing insulation.Klo-Shure Co.