An engineer from SSR Engineers is working with the Disney organization in developing a Construction Technology Show at its Epcot theme park in Orlando, FL.

Waving the flag for this great industry of ours is a duty for which I gladly volunteer. I've stated on numerous occasions that the plumbing community doesn't get the credit it deserves for its indispensable contributions to public health and safety. I've done my best to spread that message to outsiders even more than to this choir of ours.

It's a hard message to get across, though, because for all the good you do, and all the value you contribute to society and the American economy, our industry's work lacks a certain glamour. Try as anyone might, getting people interested in-much less excited about-plumbing is something like lining up a date with the prom queen when you have a face full of pimples.

Fortunately, a couple of world-class organizations are taking on the challenge. An engineer from SSR Engineers, one of the nations top A&E firms, is working with the Disney organization in developing a Construction Technology Show at its Epcot theme park in Orlando, FL. And, they are looking for other plumbing industry firms to participate.

This show will gather educational programs from construction organizations for one big annual show. Epcot has been the forum for Disney that promotes the fun of science to kids of all ages.

The construction show will be part of a larger science show at Epcot called Science and Technology Festival (STF). STF is an annual four-week long show that will give kids hands-on displays that get them excited about science. Disney realized that the construction industry is full of science applications while also being a field that fascinates kids' imaginations.

"Heroes That Build America"

STF will highlight the science of Construction Technology in the new "Heroes that Build America" (HWBA) show starting April/March 2001. The STF show is an excellent opportunity for the great creative minds at Walt Disney Imagineering to work with plumbing industry companies to develop some wonderful hands-on exhibits that will get thousands of kids of all ages excited about the science of construction.

Winston Huff is an engineer with Smith Seckman Reid (SSR) Engineers and the point of contact for the Construction Technology show. He has already linked up with AIA, the Florida Solar Energy Center, the UA and Sheet Metal Workers unions, and would like others to join the effort. "It will be a great opportunity to encourage kids and young adults to choose careers in engineering and the construction industry," said Huff.

SSR has a long history of incorporating new construction technology into construction projects and promoting the science of construction. Huff has worked with Disney as the editor of Life Support and Biosphere Science on the Bioventions Epcot exhibit, as well as a peer review engineering consultant for Disney construction projects. As a result, he is familiar with the construction side and the exhibition side of Disney.

"This is a first class show reaching thousands of people a day," said Huff. "There are many ways to participate."

Persons interested in participating should contact Winston Huff, SSR Engineers, 3319 West End Ave., Ste. 700, Nashville, TN 37221. Phone: (615) 383-1113, fax: (615) 386-8469, e-mail:, Web site: