"Hi, I'm Bill Tangye, and I work for Southern Building Code Congress." That's how William J. Tangye, P.E., SBCCI's CEO since 1982, began nearly every company speech he ever made. He insisted that this philosophy-that he worked for the members of this organization, not the other way around-be practiced by everyone at SBCCI. Now, however, Bill Tangye's family, his staff, and everyone who loved him will have to carry on his ideals without him. Mr. Tangye passed away on June 1, 2002. He was 57 years old.

Bill leaves behind a loving wife, Elaine B. Tangye; three sons, James Cole Tangye, William Patrick Tangye (Susan) and Benjamin McKean Tangye (Audrey); daughter, Cayce Belle Tangye; his mother, LaRue McKean; and his sister, Jeri McMillan. He also leaves behind hundreds of friends and coworkers who will miss his leadership and friendship.

Mr. Tangye joined Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. in 1975 as the director of engineering services and chief engineer. In 1982, he was named SBCCI's chief executive officer. Prior to joining SBCCI, Mr. Tangye was director of field engineering for BOCA International. On September 19, 2001, the International Code Council Board of Directors, meeting in Cincinnati, OH, named him ICC's first chief executive officer.

"Bill was always the calming factor in the storm," said William Duck, Jr., CBO, president of SBCCI. "Whenever he was in a meeting, he would let everyone have an opportunity to speak his piece. Anyone who didn't know him would think he wasn't paying attention, but what he was really doing was absorbing all that was being said and how everyone was feeling. Then, when everyone was done, he would offer a solution that everyone was happy with. Most of the time the rest of us would say, 'Now, why didn't we think of that?'"