GF Piping Systems recently added a comprehensive, interactive System Selection Tool and Application Library for its Signet product line at to help design engineers, customers and distributors quickly select appropriate products and accessories for their unique applications. Once the system selection is finalized, a complete list of products with part numbers can be printed for reference or e-mailed for ordering. Additional details are available via links to product data sheets and operation manuals.

The System Selection Tool covers the full range of GF Piping's Signet flow sensors, fittings, and flow instrumentation, as well as pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, temperature and pressure instruments. It guides the user through a series of questions and options for sensor type; pipe size; material type; fluid; and flow, temperature and pressure ranges, allowing the system to narrow the product choices and make it easy to choose compatible products. A cross-comparison chart can be used during the process to assist the customer in narrowing the selection and choosing the optimum product.