Here are some highlights from the National Fire Protection Association's World Safety Exposition held in June.

Tyco Fire & Building Products Series LFII Sprinklers

As part of its Rapid Response home fire sprinkler system, Tyco Fire & Building Products offers two models of flat plate concealed pendent sprinklers (Series LF II). The cover plate conceals sprinkler components above the ceiling. Unit TY 2596 has a K factor of 4.2 and unit TY 3596 has a K factor of 4.9. Both units can be used in wet-pipe residential sprinkler systems for one/two-family dwellings and mobile homes, per NFPA 13D.Tyco Fire & Building Products. Circle 342.

NIBCO Nail Plate

NIBCO introduces the Figure 26 Nail Plate, the company's newest addition to its TOLCO™ brand of fire protection products. TOLCO Nail Plates protect plastic pipe from nails and screws that penetrate wood wall studs. The plates are available in 2 sizes, with the 3" x 2-3/4" plate being new to the industry and designed to fit either a 4x4 or two stacked 2x4's such as at the base and top of framing walls. No fasteners are required.NIBCO Inc. Circle 343.

Potter Electric Signal Co. Water Column Switch

Potter Electric Signal Co. has added the Water Column Switch (WCS) to its product line. The WCS is an electronic supervisory switch used to detect the presence of a conductive fluid (water) that can accumulate or become trapped in the piping directly above the clapper on a dry-pipe or pre-action automatic sprinkler valve. The electronic circuitry of the WCS is designed to indicate the presence of water accumulated to a specific elevation, that if left unattended could impair or prevent the operation of the valve.Potter Electric Signal Co. Circle 344.

Wilkins Fire Valves

Wilkins, a Zurn Company, announces two new additions to its Pressure-Tru fire valve line: ZW4000 and ZW4004. The ZW4000 is a UL-listed pressure-reducing valve for fire hose stations. The ZW4004 is a UL-listed pressure-reducing floor control valve in automatic sprinkler systems and standpipe valve applications. Both valves are suitable for Class I and Class III systems and are currently available with threaded connections, with grooved options coming.Wilkins, a Zurn Co. Circle 345.

Reliable Deluge Valves

The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co. Inc. offers new UL-Listed and FM-approved DDX Valves with very compact trim for deluge, preaction and dry system installations. Available sizes include 11⁄2" (40mm), 21⁄2" (65mm), 4" (100mm), 6" (150mm) and 8" (200mm). The valves are 250 psi (17,2 bar) rated and both ends are grooved. The valves are extremely light weight (weighing 50% less then the BX Valve) and feature a 3:1 releasing ratio with a latched open clapper (no PORV).The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co. Inc. Circle 346.

Patterson Prepackaged Fire Control System

The Patterson Pre-Pac® Prepackaged Fire Control System was created to provide highly efficient, quality fire control in an economical package at less cost and in less space. It is self-contained so it saves money by reducing labor, engineering and installation time. The system is pre-engineered to meet, or exceed, all applicable codes, and offers a very simple hook-up to water and electricity at the jobsite.Patterson Pump Co. Circle 347.

Viking Electronic Services Fire Detection System

Viking Electronic Services showcased its eLAN"

FlexHead Industries Flexible Fire Sprinkler Connections

FlexHead® Industries manufactures high-quality flexible fire sprinkler connections for commercial, cleanroom, duct and institutional applications. FlexHead connections are said to install at least four times faster than traditional hard-pipe, while offering tremendous benefits to the construction team. Benefits for the engineer include perfect aesthetic uniformity, easier retrofit and installation and products that meet IBC seismic code requirements. An Engineering CD also is available from the company.FlexHead Industries. Circle 349.

Fire-Lite Alarms Control Products

Fire-Lite Alarms showcased its complete new line of addressable fire alarm control products, including the MS-9050UD, the MS-9200UDLS and the MS-9600LS. The all-new products utilize a common enclosure with quick-remove electronics mounted on a metal chassis. The MS-9050UD control panel combines the capabilities of Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) and Digital Alarm Communicator/ Transmitter (DACT) into one circuit board, offering a compact, cost-effective design. The MS-9600LS is a two-loop advanced addressable panel that offers various new features including LiteSpeed™, a high-speed Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) protocol that simultaneously polls ten devices. The MS-9200UDLS, a single loop panel supporting 99 detectors and 99 modules, also combines the capabilities of FACP and DACT into one circuit board.